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    It’s gonna be hard to find a slut who lives up to Mom.

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  2. Mom’d old photos are pretty hot.

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  3. She knows the drill.

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  4. That’s her special signal to tell me “straight to anal.”

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    Cum Covered Girls

    You’ve become so much more fun since I dumped you!

  6. Keep your head down, I don’t want to see your face while I buttfuck you.


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    Bella Bellz

    Tattoos on a woman tell you she can take pain.

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  8. Women in sports is finally being taken seriously.

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  9. She may have a little chub, but she shaves her puss and takes it in the ass, so I forgive her.

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  10. "I have absolutely no redeeming personality qualities. Wanna date?"

    Yes I do!

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