1. "Your thumb tastes like shit."

    It was just in your sister’s ass.


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  2. Sometimes when I’m lazy I’ll pay a whore to eat my wife’s pussy while I buttfuck her.

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  3. nymphoninjas:

    Trouble in the bath in Montreal. See more at nymphoninjas.findrow.com

    Bath time with my daughter was still the highlight of my day.

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  4. bottomoftheworld-x:

    "I’ve turned into my father!"

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  5. babygirlssweetsurrender:


    It’s not that I want some skank to lick my dick, honey. It’s that I want many skanks licking my dick simultaneously.

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  6. bottomoftheworld-x:

    This means more to me than any words coming from her mouth.

  7. "I’m feeling depressed. Can you finger my butthole?"

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  8. cali3holes:



    She is so cute!!

    The female’s many holes and the fact that her orgasm isn’t necessary to procreation makes the gangbang the most natural form of sex.

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  9. That’s the closest you’re getting to an ‘I love you.’

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  10. What are your powers?

    "Great tits, no pussy hair, no gag reflex, and the ability to orgasm through anal!"

    And people say comic books are sexist.

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