1. I guess we have perfected the woman.

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  2. Truth. 

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  3. How a man says he loves you. 

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  4. God I love my wife. Thanks to her high-paying job and many business trips, I can play with young sluts like this all day. 

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  5. She calls it “church.”

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  6. Pro-tip: Every once in a while, swap girlfriends, to emphasize that your male friendships are more important than their emotions. 

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  7. We decided to get our wives more involved in our hobbies. 

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  8. ironboxed:

    Beautiful abuse. Nothing wakes a cunt up faster than a good hard slap across the face. You need her aware of every sensation and every word, because otherwise she’ll shut down mentally as a coping strategy.

    There’s a very good reason it’s known as “bitch slap”.

    90% of communication is non-verbal.

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    I can’t wait till I’m featured on Lifehacker’s ‘How I Work’ series.

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  10. slut—degradation:

    I feel safest when I’m at home

    IKEA makes some great furniture.

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